August 3, 2020

Unsung Heroes! Small and Homebased Business Owners

The home-based and small business owner is the “Unsung Hero”. Why? The small business owner and today even the home-based business owner are the cornerstones of our society. The home-based business owner employs a number of independent contractors. Small businesses account for a large percentage of our economic workforce.
Think of the home-based and small business owner as of the leaders of a team. They organize their team, tell them the strategy they want to be followed, and how to implement that strategy. The business owner takes responsibility for that team very seriously. Why? Because they don’t, they won’t have those people working for them very long, in fact, they won’t be in business for very long.
The small and home-based business owners are – Unsung Heroes! Why? Because people do not realize how important they are to our society.
They not only take care of their business and their family, but the families of all their employees. Think about it. Look around at the town you live in. Sure there are Walmarts, Targets, and other large businesses, and malls. However, our malls are not only comprised of corporate franchises but also a lot of small business owners.

Those small business owners are the backbone of your local economy. You might think, Oh, they only employ 6 people. However, multiply those 6 people by 100 small businesses in your area, and it adds up very quickly.
The home-based business owner is also of major importance to your local economy. The contract with other home-based and small business owners. Think of the local contractor. Many contractors are home-based. That contractor needs supplies from the local hardware store. They might have to employ a plumber or an electrician to complete a project because they don’t have expertise in that area. All of these people make up the business spectrum of your local economy.
People are leaving corporate America every day. Either because they want to run their own business or due to a layoff. These folks are discovering that the only sure thing is to run your own business, that they only have themselves to rely on.
So while yes, the large corporations are important, REMEMBER, the backbone of our society will always be “the small and home-based business owner”. They are what keep our society going. More UNSUNG HEROES are joining our ranks every day. Let’s give them a HEROES WELCOME!

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