American’s are richest poor people

This is a wonderful country, we have it all: i phones, i pads, laptops, autonomous cars, fast food, gourmet food delivered to our homes and on-line courses.
The American Dream!
Americans live the good life, or do they?
What are some of the health risks we face as a result of this life style?

America is no doubt one of the most developed countries in the world. Starting with technology, transportation, technology giants, social media giants, to successful entrepreneurs and world controlling stock markets. Americans have access to wide range of food as well, from Asian cuisine to Spanish and Italian. Americans surely have a good life compared to rest of the world. But there is always a negative externality attached to the positive benefit. Just like that, not all good things are actually good for the health of Americans.
Most Americans live from pay check to pay check, we work 40 hours a week and spend less time with our families and friends. Our schedule is busy and tight for all days of the year and when we do get a break, we usually spend it resting and just watching American serials and movies. This causes Americans to care less about their health and more about their status in the society around them. Americans are more willing to move to different city or even state if they find a better paying job, leaving behind their friends and family. For this reason, Americans are also referred to as isolated nation. Moving in an un-known neighborhood can further cause stress and illness. The American Psychology Association said, “Americans are the richest sick people.”

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